If your computer won't booth as normal...

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If your computer won't booth as normal...

Post by Anastesia007 » Fri Nov 23, 2018 8:27 pm

While this post may not be trendy, it helped my life this evening. So I have had a tough time with my computer these past few days. Three days precisely. It would only come on via 'safe mode'.

Tech grammar abi? Mtchew. Even me dont know what that means. On safe mode, you are limited to do stuff. Asides surfing the net and preparing materials, I missed my laptop for rocking my fav jams. Being rocking Christmas songs lately. Waiting for December is a long haul. So laptop packed up and decided to play 'come and carry me'.

I have been living the 'rich life' lately which meant that I couldn't visit an engineer. If you know, you know. So I decided to ask my close buddy - my phone! That's where one brother taught us what to do. Oya come lemme tell you pipo😀

If this ever becomes the case with your laptop, first thing to do is to ensure that the computer is on safe mode. If it is, you'll see 'safe mode' written on all four corners of the screen. Okay! Then next thing to do is to click on the start button from where you locate 'accessories' or 'system restore'. Accessories should link you to system restore if you don't find it directly from the start button. Once you click on system restore, you hit next on about two other options and viola! Your computer restores itself, and reboots back to normal and you can continue activities as you used to.

Tell me that's not something to 'wawuu' about?😉 I hope this comes handy and helpful if you ever encounter such issues with your computer.

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