Is your relationship/marriage an adorable one?

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Is your relationship/marriage an adorable one?

Post by Anastesia007 » Thu Nov 29, 2018 6:29 pm

Is your relationship/marriage an adorable one?

Hello everyone,

Trust your week has been amazing!

So my friend and I spoke over the phone some days back and one of the many topics we discussed about was 'the talk'- the one between the mothers and daughters. Yes! That classic evergreen one- When are you bringing him home?

Babe wasn't having it at all but she wouldn't say jack because of course, she has to respect her mother and not 'talk back' when she ever speaks especially about something that important to her. My friend, would not understand why most parents didn't care about your happiness with yourself and with the one you have found for yourself. She went on about the number of loveless and regretful marriages hitting the roof these days. It got me thinking, what could have gone wrong? What determines a successful marriage? What are the features of a quality relationship? Babe is trying so hard to get it right. She doesn't want to join the statistics.

I took the topic to my favorite aunty and she gave a very insightful point. She explained that the days of technology has replaced 'physical chicking' as it was called. Couples of the old met frequently which made it easy for them to communicate. From, her own stance, everybody is nice on the other end and emotions can be faked too. I can argue that there is a lot to take away from her deduction.

Christmas is almost here. It's a wonderful season to build meaningful relationships. However, nobody is skillful enough to know another person's good and bad characteristics on first acquittance. The season is also an exciting one, somebody could play according to the mood.

What steps do you think one should take before saying yes to any relationship? Is your relationship/marriage an adorable one? What steps are you taking? What are your thoughts, experiences or contribution, let me know in the comment section. I like to learn a thing or two from you all.

PS: Do men have this talk with either parents too?

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Re: Is your relationship/marriage an adorable one?

Post by cleftic » Fri Nov 30, 2018 5:03 am

Errrrrmm! Men do not really have this kind of discussion.. This is what ladies like to talk about ;) ;)

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