Top 5 Places To Visit This Christmas In Nigeria

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Top 5 Places To Visit This Christmas In Nigeria

Post by admin » Wed Dec 05, 2018 3:19 pm

Top 5 Places To Visit This Christmas In Nigeria

A lot of people get confused about where to go visiting on Christmas day, in fact i will not will not apportion any blame to such an individual who finds it difficult to make choices. When it comes to the season of Christmas, families usually go for vacations, either to their villages or family friends house to spend the day while those who are buoyant take their vacations out of the country.

It could be a boring time for most people, while it could be a time that people have the best times of their life. Now before we deviate from the topic, "Top 5 places To Visit This Christmas in Nigeria", let me quickly give a run down on the list of places you could visit while here in Nigeria.

Top 5 Places To Visit This Christmas In Nigeria
  • Take a Drive To The Beach:
Nigeria has varieties of beaches especially in Lagos state. Beaches like Taqua Bay, Elegushi, Baracuda, Artican Beach to name a few. There are always shows/concerts that are organized in these places especially when its Christmas season.. So, in other for you not to get confused, just make this as an option when considering where to visit on Christmas day.
  • Go Try out New Foods at Eateries:
Yes this is another option which people should consider. Those who don't have time to go out through the year could go to eateries and have something different, instead of having the normal traditional food which is always prepared at this time.
  • Go Visiting Museums:
The Museums in Nigeria can be used as places for tourism have not been fully patronized by Nigerians and this is one place where you could learn something new. Take your kids to these places and help them see the things that will help them gain advantage above their peers.
  • Go See a Movie:
The Nigerian movie industry has recently evolved from what it used to be. The industry now makes top class movies that now show in cinemas. Think of the movie you will like to see and take a trip to any of your favourite cinema places as we have a lot of them available.
  • Lastly Visit the Poor in your Midst:
A lot of Nigerians forget the reason for the season. It is a time for joy, also a time to make merry on the birth of Christ. But truth be told, we should not forget the poor in our midst. They need us too to visit them and make them happy by sharing our gifts and our time with them. We should not forget that sharing is caring and we can do that even on Christmas day. :)

So, with this points i hope you have an idea of the Top 5 Places To Visit This Christmas in Nigeria

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